About the Eco One offices

The Eco One office complex is the most environmentally friendly building of its kind available to rent in Lincolnshire.

The occupiers of this building will benefit from very low carbon emissions, and much lower running costs when compared to non Breeam Excellent rated buildings. Broadband Internet facilities are the best available in the country, and rents are very competitive.

Breeam Excellent Rated Building

Breeam Excellent Rated BuildingThe Eco One offices have been built to achieve the, highly regarded, Breeam excellent rating.

Breeam assesments involve how the building is made, what it is made of and how it will affect the people using it.

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High-Speed Internet connectivity.

Quickline wireless broadbandQuality, high-speed Internect connections are vital for todays bussiness users. This has, until now, been a major problem for Companies in the Lincolnshire area.

This is why we have teamed up with Quickline to provide the very best wireless Internet connection speeds of up to 100Mbps.

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Eco One Offices : Saving you money.

Biomass Crop - Grown at Highcliffe Farm, InghamSome of the elements of our design that halp to reduce your energy costs.

  • Low Cost Biomass Heating
  • High grade insulation
  • Solar Shading
  • Photovoltaic energy system
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Natural cooling & ventilation
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How we reduce your energy consumption.

The following energy saving features have been incorporated in to the offices and together they helped us achieve a Breeam Excellent rating for the building.

To be awarded a Breeam Excellent rating is a great achievement and makes this a truly unique building in this area, and it is a great accolade for any business working from these premisses.

» Biomass boiler

Biomass Boiler

Boimass is grown on local farm land. It is harvested once every 3 years, and the chipped willow is stored undercover for a year to allow the chips to dry. The chips are loaded into a chip store located inside the biomass boiler container, and feed into the boiler.

Boimass itself is considerably cheaper than gas or heating oil, this coupled with the high levels of insulation and high airtightness value will vastly reduce the cost.

You can expect to save 50% on heating costs when comparing biomass heating to an oil fired boiler.

Biomass harvesting

Biomass harvesting

Harvesting the Biomass at Ingham
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» Insulation

Biomass Boiler

The building is very well insulated using recycled materials.

Earthwool still delivers all the benefits of traditional mineral wool.

Acoustic performance
The same outstanding sound absorption properties help reduce unwanted noise.

Thermal performance
The same high levels of thermal resistance and superb energy efficiency.

Fire protection
Still non-combustible with an unbeatable A1 fire classification.

Made with recycled materials and can be fully recyclable at the end of its life.

» Solar Shading

Biomass Boiler

Pilkington GlassThe building has been designed to reduce the amount of solar gain by its positioning and the use of energy efficient glassing.

This, combined with the high level of insulation means that air conditioning systems are not required.

» Photovoltaic System

Biomass Boiler

The building has a 10kw Photovoltaic system covering the entire south facing roof aspect.

This will significantly reduce the demands placed on normal electricity supplies from the national grid.

» Rain Water harvesting

Biomass Boiler

The building has rain water harvesting facilities that collects and stores rainwater and uses this water to flush toilets.

This reduces the amount of fresh water used in the building thus saving even more money and energy.

Rainwater harvesting guage

Rain water harvesting gauge
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» Cyclist Facilities

Biomass Boiler

The building has been designed to encourage people to cycle to work.

We have provided a bicycle shelter and showering facilities.

» Natural Cooling & Ventilation

Biomass Boiler

The building has need designed not to need air conditioning systems. This represents a considerable saving to the tenant and a large carbon saving.

The design to reduce solar gain includes its positioning, the high levels of insulation, darkened low energy glass, windows that open to all offices and thermostatically operated windows at the top of the roof pitch on the first floor. These windows have been designed to let in light without solar heat and keep the building cool day and night.